Effectively Improve the Coordination with geoBingAn

geoBingAn is a crowdsourcing-base disaster information coordination platform linking between government and volunteers. Quick report in 4 steps, sending report is a click away.

Offline Report

geoBingAn works in any network status as long as a smartphone in your hand. The offline reports will be uploaded automatically when the internet reconnect.

Open GeoSMS Standard

In addition to report through the internet, you can report by SMS with Open GeoSMS.


geoBingAn uses OpenStreetMap as the basemap to build the disaster information based on crowdsourcing.

Cross-Platform Applicable

Whether it is iOS or Android, Windows or Mac, geoBingAn can be perfect support.

Diverse Attachment

In addition to the text message, you can report with pictures, recording, location, form, etc. Make the report is more easy to be understand.

Powerful Map Feature

geoBingAn map view not only can show the distribution position of reports, but also free to draw on the map and download. You are able to view and edit OpenStreetMap objects.

Detailed Statistics

geoBingAn provides statistics chart and list for organization admin to quickly understand the status of the reports. The administrator can also view the detail message of reports by categories and download them.

Apply geoBingAn to Various Situations

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