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Ushahidi as Open Data Platform for Disaster Management

In Asia Forum of Seoul OGC TC meeting, we made a proposal to run an open platform for various organizations in Asia. For the post disaster management, it’s usually not that easy to coordinate among humanitarian organizations since we lack of the up to date information including the latest incidents, follow up actions of different organizations, the resource dispatching status from various parties, and so on.


Just like what we are going to mention in ICCM2012, every organization feels like to have their own private management system for volunteer, warehouse, and resource. That’s totally making sense. However, in the meantime, an open platform need to be leveraged for further coordination on humanitarian supports. That’s the reason why we did this proposal as the shown illustration, to make Ushahidi as an open platform for various humanitarian organizations.

Are you also interesting in the development or joining this project? Just Let us know 🙂



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