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Send Your Location Information via SMS

Are you familiar with the “loading” of Facebook app?

During/after the disaster, or just a random rush hour while lots of people accessing to internet via 3G network, not to mention that while you were traveling overseas, the bandwidth of mobile internet is so precious. Sometimes it’s not so easy for you to login your facebook for a check-in. Find Me Maybe provides an alternative tool to let your friends or family to know where you are.


Thanks to the old school technology, SMS. We can simply type some words in Find Me Maybe and then send it to Facebook or Twitter with your location information. What’s the difference between the check-in and the location information that posted by Find Me Maybe? Find Me Maybe provides the an URL that points to Google Maps as your current location information. Please see the following example:

I’m okay here, please don’t worry about me.

The biggest difference will be, while it’s not easy to get connected, sending your location information via SMS is totally making sense. Not to mention that during the evacuation, you might not really know “where you are” or “which shelter you are”. Just go out, launch Find Me Maybe, get GPS located, and send your message to Facebook or Twitter. So your friend or family will know exactly your location without further explanation of address.

It gonna be your handy app during/after disaster, and also helpful while you traveling abroad without data plan 🙂



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