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Sahana Mobile for Hurricane Sandy Relief!

Sahana Mobile for Hurricane Sandy Relief!


We know we are away away from NYC but GeoThings still feels like to do some contribution to it. We works with Sahana team these days and quickly developed an Android library which can make request to Sahana deployment for Hurricane Sandy Relief from mobile phone.

Thanks to Sahana guys, they are the first miler in NYC and did a great job to understand the needs, then carry it out. With S3XML, it reflects how Sahana adapts various situation in a flexible way for disaster management. However, this flexibility also increases the degree of complexity to catch up the updates from the perspective of a mobile developer. As a result, GeoThings develops the Sahana mobile library that interfacing between Android app and Sahana deployment.

The screenshots of this post shows the list of locations and items are dynamically generated on Android phone according to S3XML, which is obtained from the deployment of Sahana for Sandy Relief. With this Sahana mobile library, the first milers and volunteers are able to make their request to Sahana deployment for resource with their smart phone. We believe this feature will certainly boost the efficiency and helps on coordination.



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