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iHelp X GeoThings

iHelp X GeoThings

This is an open source project to deliver ICT as tool for the people who is not that convenient to response emergency with their location. Maybe they can’t hear, maybe they can’t speak, Maybe they can’t understand the local language to let others know the address.

With some pre-set messages, user can quick report their current situation with location to the police force in Taiwan via SMS. Thanks to the GPS/AGPS feature on smart phone, we encode those retrieved location information with OGC Open GeoSMS standard, which enabled the receiver (emergency responder) can quickly know where to help.

Not just to report self-emergency, iHelp X GeoThings project will also enable people to report status during disaster. To response “Disability is not Inability”, we support with this app for the International Day for Disaster Reduction 2013 by UNISDR.

For a better tomorrow, we code!

iHelp on GitHub


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