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Cooperation of Mapbox and GeoThings for Humanitarian ICT

We are pleased to announce our partnership and cooperation with Mapbox, with the formal agreement done in October.

Mapbox is so devoted to humanitarian activity and is the leading company in location-based & space-based technologies with a huge hug to open source/data philosophy.

GeoThings is recently working with Asian Development Bank – ADB to deploy our ICT tools, 究平安 geoBingAn and geoMapTool, for the capacity building in various remote/rural area, where might seriously affected by natural disaster.

For the pre-/in-/post-disaster mapping, survey, and situation report, we see the needs of offline basemap while the data network is down. With Mapbox SDK for both Android and iOS development, it supports up to 4K tiles for offline basemap cache. This size of 4K-tile is about a Taipei city (FYI, for Jerusalem is about 2K, Boston is about 7.5K). It’s a great feature indeed, however, for some of the remote/rural area that we focused, it’s size usually greater than 4K-tile to be cached for offline.

With the partnership between Mapbox and GeoThings, we are not only be the advocator of Mapbox technologies, but also supported by Mapbox with the extension up to 10K offline tiles for offline. It will greatly benefit our OpenStreetMap community members and local government officers in Armenia, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Fiji to response to emergency situation. We are really looking forward to the cooperation and feeling so great to have a solid partner on the humanitarian way to benefit the world! Let’s do it and make it impact, GeoThings <3 Mapbox!



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