News and Events

中時電子報: 2017防救災科學體驗營 台中苗栗慈濟園區登場, February 2017

台灣新生報: 工研院義賣 嘉惠社福團體, January 2017

中時電子報: 工研院帶頭 認購桶柑義賣, January 2017

udn聯合新聞網: 工研院辦義賣 一起「積福企」, January 2017

udn聯合新聞網: 雙春迎吉積福「企」工研院義賣獻愛心, January 2017

udn聯合新聞網: 春節將至 工研院偕科技廠發起義賣, January 2017

在地希望。點亮世界 - Light Up the World, September 2015

Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. 經濟部新聞稿 - APEC Accelerator Network Forum for Early Stage Investment Speed up Startup to Growth by Integrating International Resources, September 2015

APEC Accelerator Network Forum (AAN) - From Start Up to Scale Up: Leading the Trend of Early-Stage Investment in Asia Pacific, September 2015

State of the Map Taiwan 2015 - 衛星資料與防救災Satellite Imagery, OSM, and ICT for Disaster Response, September 2015

FOSS4G 2015 Keynote Speech - Open Data, Open Standards and Open/Proprietary Technologies, September 2015

UN-GGIM - Geospatial StandardsOpen Standards x Humanitarian ICT for Disaster Response, August 2015

Chinatimes 中時電子報: 金主嚴選 先闖2大關, August 2015

China Smart City Expo 2015 中國智慧城市博覽會市長對話企業 - 智慧城市建設的需求與創新, July 2015

Geospatial World Forum - Urban and Climate Resilience and Sustainability: Open Standards, VGI, and ICT for Resilience and Sustainability Building, May 2015

USTV 非凡新聞台: 科技人創業 益不容辭, April 2015

Ignite Open Data: Open Data and Disaster Information Coordination, March 2015

ENSIT 社會創新人才培育網通訊: 科技慈善家 Technology-Philanthropist, March 2015

Voice of NCTU Alumni 交大友聲: 如何運用資通訊科技做人道救援, March 2015

G-SPASE International Symposium for Research and Development: How We Can Work Together, Feb 2015

經濟日報: 工研院公益採橘 認購數量創新高, Jan 2015

UDN 聯合新聞網: 工研院公益採橘 科技帶動認購, Jan 2015

Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI 2015) Conference: Predicting and Preparing for Disasters Before they Happen, Jan 2015

ICCM 2014: Panel Discussion, December 2014

OGC Asia Forum Summit 2014: Open Standards and Open data for Disaster Response and Coordination, December 2014

ICCM 2014: Trusted Disaster Coordination among the Gov, NGOs & the Public, December 2014

Accounting Magazine 會計研究月刊: 科技救災, 發揮群眾最大救援力量, Nov 2014

G0V Summit 2014: FS2 Clicker 尋找森林開墾痕跡, Nov 2014

Social Enterprise Insights 社企流: 他們不宅,他們用科技愛台灣, Nov 2014

Liberty Times Net 自由時報: 首家社會企業 竹科董總「金」相挺, Sep 2014

Social Enterprise Insights 社企流: 小公司好創益/救災科技 各方資源一指鎖定, Aug 2014

ITU Study Group 11: Protocol for GeoSMS (Q.3615), July 2014

Chinatimes 中時電子報: 究心公益科技防災平台 讓愛心升級, July 2014

PanSci 泛科學: 「哇!災!」:災網恢恢,資訊不漏, June 2014

3nd EU-Asia Industry Collaboration Seminar (GNSS.Asia): Open GeoSMS for E112, June 2014

Liberty Times Net 自由時報: 工研院成立第一家社會企業衍生公司-究心公益科技公司, June 2014

ITU Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery (FG-DR&NRR): Promising technologies and use cases – Part IV and V, May 2014

Geeks Without Bounds: GeoThings from ICCM, Feb 2014

GEO X - Disaster Mitigation and Earth Observations: A GEOSS Perspective: Crowdsourcing and ICT for Disaster Information Management and Response, Jan 2014

Geospatial World: Standards: Sharing location information intelligently, Feb 2012

Ushahidi: Trusted Developers, September 2012