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geoBingAn (pronounced Geo-Bing-An) is Taiwanese language, means “wish you all the best, safe and sound”. This innovative ICT tool is developed by GeoThings, allows the users to collect various sorts of data for pre-disaster survey, in-disaster response, and post-disaster assessment. This geoBingAn works for the field surveyors just as easy as if they were using Google Forms with OpenStreetMap features on mobile, which enable the survey activity to directly interact with basemap and immediately presented on GIS (Geospatial Information System) for later statistics. The SituationDesk of geoBingAn provides the column-based filtering in response to the over-whelming incoming information during special event or emergency.


This tool leveraged international open standards for the integration of crowdsourcing and IoT sensor data. With OpenStreetMap as basemap, all the visualization and statistics are much clear and easier to be presented on geoBingAn 3D GIS-based platform.

The geoBingAn service has adopted in the technical assistant project for the capacity building to disaster resilience by Asian Development Bank, also selected by Beyond Europe project, QuinJunSAT, by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). This service is available to the communities, NGOs, NPOs, private sectors, and government agencies. now even extended for urban planning and smart city scenarios for a better sustainable tomorrow.