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Humanitarian ICT to support in-time disaster information delivery and coordination

Together with Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, GeoThings supports its technical strength with in-time disaster information delivery and coordination for Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association (TEIRA). With the in-time information from 119, NGOs, and crowdsourced data, GeoThings present those critical reports on geoBingan (究平安) service platform that allow user to customize and filter the needed information from message […]

Cooperation of Mapbox and GeoThings for Humanitarian ICT

We are pleased to announce our partnership and cooperation with Mapbox, with the formal agreement done in October. Mapbox is so devoted to humanitarian activity and is the leading company in location-based & space-based technologies with a huge hug to open source/data philosophy. GeoThings is recently working with Asian Development Bank – ADB to deploy […]


經過這次地震, 我們感受到災害的無情, 也看到台灣的美好. 而防災救災可以研究與討論的議題真的相當廣, 甚至可以說是錯綜複雜. 或許我們就先從「救災組織的協調」,「物資需求協調」, 以及「志工協調」這三個面向來談談 資訊技術 對於救災的現況與未來展望.