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ITU-T Work Programme

ITU-T Work Programme After the efforts that contributed by OGC, ITU, and GeoThings staff, we finally make Open GeoSMS to be adopted by ITU and officially printed as ITU publication. We would like to introduce you, ITU Q.3615!

iHelp X GeoThings

iHelp X GeoThings This is an open source project to deliver ICT as tool for the people who is not that convenient to response emergency with their location. Maybe they can’t hear, maybe they can’t speak, Maybe they can’t understand the local language to let others know the address.

Disaster Management with THEOS

After ICST-Asia 2012, the Executive Director of THEOS (THailand Earth Observation System) saying that THEOS is free for academic purpose. According to our previous experience with NSPO and FCUGIS on Formosat-II, we made this proposal, Disaster Management with THEOS, and really looking forward to the collaboration with THEOS for the supports on humanitarian relief.