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GeoThings is an innovative and energized software development team based in Taiwan. We focus on the development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools and sustainable platform that aims to various kinds of data collection and analytic scenarios, including pre-disaster survey, in-disaster response, and post-disaster assessment. We cooperated with the communities, NGO/NOP, private sectors, and government agencies. We look forward to the better information coordination in response to emergency and disaster, also as the essential infrastructure of urban planning and smart city development or transformation.


geoBingAn (pronounced Geo-Bing-An) is Taiwanese language, means “wish you all the best, safe and sound”. This innovative ICT tool is developed by GeoThings, allows the users to collect various sorts of data for pre-disaster survey, in-disaster response, and post-disaster assessment. This geoBingAn works for the field surveyors just as easy as if they were using Google Forms with OpenStreetMap features on mobile, which enable the survey activity to directly interact with basemap and immediately presented on GIS (Geospatial Information System) for later statistics. The SituationDesk of geoBingAn provides the column-based filtering in response to the over-whelming incoming information during special event or emergency.


This tool leveraged international open standards for the integration of crowdsourcing and IoT sensor data. With OpenStreetMap as basemap, all the visualization and statistics are much clear and easier to be presented on geoBingAn 3D GIS-based platform.


The geoBingAn service has adopted in the technical assistant project for the capacity building to disaster resilience by Asian Development Bank, also selected by Beyond Europe project, QuinJunSAT, by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). This service is available to the communities, NGOs, NPOs, private sectors, and government agencies. now even extended for urban planning and smart city scenarios for a better sustainable tomorrow.


Our Service

The Humanitarian ICT

Environmental Survey

Field Survey for its Capacity and Vulnerability

Validation and Assessment

Work with offline available form and OSM data

Shelter Management

Support check-in/-out of people and resource

Emergency Message

Send Notification and Location in Emergency

geoBingAn LineBot

User report and feedback via Line App

Situation Desk

Visualization and Statistic for collected data

Our Deployment and Use Cases

Where and how geoBingAn works

Fiji Tsunami Drill

The Fiji National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) developed and launched its first ever National Tsunami Response Plan in 2017. Following the launch, a Cabinet decision was made for a National Tsunami Drill to be conducted by the NDMO.







On the 21st of September, the Hsinchu county government held a “921 International Disaster Prevention Drill” at its Fire Bureau to coincide with National Disaster Prevention Day, with Director Sun Fu-You kicking off the international disaster prevention drill at the Hsinchu County Disaster Prevention and Resilience Center.

The international disaster prevention drill was organized by the Disaster Relief Foundation and supported by the Hsinchu County Government Fire Bureau as well as the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).


geoBingAn PaaS

With some cooperation efforts, it’s fabulous to see our partner, TWIDPR, launch their service, 台整防救災公益資訊平台, that is powered by geoBingAn.


GeoThings Blog

Some insights and new stuff

Dong-Po joins GeoThings

Dong-Po Deng (鄧東波) is the community leader, vice president of Open Data Alliance Taiwan, also the open data consultant for government agencies in Taiwan. With his expertise and enthusiasm, GeoThings is more than happy to have him to be our Chief Data Scientist, together to explore the value and insight of data for the better […]

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We will be in Geospatial World Forum 2019 @Amsterdam

One of the big events in geospatial industrial, the Geospatial World Forum (GWF), GeoThings is honored to be invited to be one of the speakers in Amsterdam, April 2019. With our practices and deployment on strengthening the disaster resilience, we will talk about how ICT tools can help for environmental survey and damage assessment. See […]

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Humanitarian ICT to support in-time disaster information delivery and coordination

Together with Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, GeoThings supports its technical strength with in-time disaster information delivery and coordination for Taiwan Elite International Rescue Association (TEIRA). With the in-time information from 119, NGOs, and crowdsourced data, GeoThings present those critical reports on geoBingan (究平安) service platform that allow user to customize and filter the needed information from message […]

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